Nils W. Lorentsen

Executive Management Consultant &
Transformation Management Expert

If you need

  • Fast overview of complex scenarios and proposed actions
  • Proactivity and drive in handling challenges
  • “Independent” evaluation and prioritization on a company holistic level
  • Continuously keeping projects and transformations on the current best track
  • Increased commitment and trust within the organization

… I can help you

How I help you

I will be the lieutenant supporting you and the Executive Management Team by

  • Creating transparency to ensure improved decision making
  • Ensuring successful implementation by understanding and avoiding limitations and mitigating risks
  • Anchoring changes within the organization by “translating” decisions into actions
  • Utilizing the knowledge across the organization to improve problem solving and create better results

Why me

My very strong ability to handle and understand complex processes and scenarios and extract the essentials is what makes me special

  • I see innovative opportunities and bring up new ideas and ways forward
  • I create enthusiasm, commitment and common targets
  • I act based on a holistic view keeping the details in mind
  • I build strong relationships based on trust, integrity and respect

Why you need me

We live and manage in a very agile and complex world with increasing workload on Executive Management

  • Enough urgent issues to “fill up the agenda”
  • Each Executive has own priorities, KPI’s and targets
  • The organization can feel overwhelmed by the extent and complexity of changes

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